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Welcome to Best Managers the Net®. Our mission is to help organizations use the Internet to achieve better results. We have been in business since 1997.

We and our associates include as our clients some of the world's most successful companies. Here in the Charleston area our past clients include Patriots Point Naval Museum and the U.S. Navy SPAWARS organization.

We hosted and maintained the Charleston Navy League Council's website for over eight years, and now have once again resumed support with our new template. I have served on the Council's Board in the capacities of Director, Vice President for Membership and Retention, Secretary and Webmaster. I participated on the Navy League's Information Technology Committee in developing the criteria for the website services now being offered to Councils around the world, and continue to participate today.

I look forward to passing to you what I have learned about making your website work for your Council.

Yours in Navy League Service,

Richard Dowell
President, Best Managers on the Net®

Contact: TEL: 843-849-6868 -- richard.dowell@gmail.com

Past Visiting Professor of Information Technology
Citadel School of Business Administration
Teaching the MBA/undergraduate course Building a Successful Business Using the Internet

Past Council Membership VP, Director, Secretary, Newsletter Editor, and webmaster Charleston Council, NLUS.

We are a business consulting, training and development company dedicated to helping good managers and their companies improve business results using the Internet.

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*Permission is granted to any Council to use/adapt our look, feel, functionality for their own websites at no cost. Our only request (to meet the requirements of our use rights of a proprietary FrontPage design template) is that using Councils display our logo in the footer in a manner similar to that used at www.MassBayNavyLeague.org.

Upon request, we will provide a zip file of our entire website template (over 100 pages, without support or warranty). Please inquire about server support and other requirements to achieve the full potential of this template.

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