Council Services

Best Managers on the Net® team aims to provide top notch website and marketing support for our council clients and other companies or organizations.

We know that there are a lot of things to do after the website is done. Tasks which include updating your site’s content, posting on social media, sending newsletter to your council members, integrating other features of SBI platform, and many more.

Here are some of the the services we can provide our supported councils:

Social Event

Do you have an upcoming council event? We’ve got you covered. Our team can create a page where it lets your council members register for their attendance and pay online via PayPal. If your council member cannot attend, don’t worry; we can also setup a donation page.

Note: We are only using PayPal to accept payment from the registrants.

Sample Social Event Page – Navy League Palm Beach Navy Reserves Appreciation Dinner

Sample Donate Page - Navy League Palm Beach Donate Page

Website Content Management

Google loves new content. If your website is updated, you’re doing it right. Plus your council members want to see new things about your organization. Having an updated website can potentially attract new council members because they will find out that you are an active organization.

Our team is dedicated to provide you with website content management support. Just send us the new content you put on the website and we’ll update it for you.

Sample website with Website Content Management support

Navy League Palm Beach Council strives to produce new content every now and then.

Newsletter Management

Are you looking for another way to communicate with your council members? There's a chance your council members may not be able to visit your site regularly but they are always in their email. Sending newsletter once or twice a month is a great way to reach them. If you have important announcements, our team can help you setup your newsletter, import your email list, and send the newsletter to your council members.

Sample Newsletter from Navy League Palm Beach Council

Forum/Discussion and Member Update

Get your council members’ suggestions or feedback and collaborate with them. Our team can integrate a forum into your council website. Once it’s integrated, you’re ready to collect member feedbacks in just one place.

Note: This feature supports Council approval of posts prior to posting.

Sample Website with Forum -

Social Media Support

Connect with your council members using social media sites. Our team can help you setup social media sites including Facebook page, Twitter, LinkedIn, Pinterest, etc. We can help you distinguish what’s the best social media site you should have as a council organization.

We can also develop a social media strategy and implement it to your selected social media pages.

Navy League Palm Beach Council Facebook Page -

Other Ongoing Support

Our team also provides other website and marketing support other than the services we’ve mentioned above. It can be uploading pictures, changing the pictures on your homepage, adding more content on your site, and anything under the sun. We’re ready to talk to you and assess your needs so we can better support you as our council client.

Are you ready? Let's get started.

If you're ready to take your council site to the next level, contact us here.