Free Online HTML Editor

This online HTML editor can help you make website content in HTML language without knowing any of the HTML tags.

How to use HTML Editor

Best practice is: write all text that you want to convert to HTML. Now just select desired part of the text and click button that will format your text (for example button with letter A which changes text color).

If you want to make a link it's similar. Again select the text and click on the "chain" button. Now just fulfill all necesary fields in the popup form.

If the button is grayed out that means that you need to select text first.

Last 4 buttons in the 4th row are very helpful:

You can print your text with this button.

If you have a lot of text you can click this button to go to the fullscreen mode.

Preview button will show you formatted text in a new window.

And the most important "HTML" button will show you the HTML code of the written text so that you can copy it with all HTML tags.