List of all Best Managers Supported Sites

We are proud to be supporting the following:

Newport Beach Council

Greater Kansas City Council

Placer County Council

Greater Austin Council

Denver Council

San Francisco Council

Williamsburg Yorktown Council

Pen Bay Council

Golden Isles Council
St. Louis Council

Pittsburgh Council

Portland Council

Sacramento Council

Yuma Council

Nimitz Council

Central Florida Region

Colorado Springs Council

Kings Bay Council

Levante Council

Malibu Council

Charleston Council

Mobile Council 2008 NLUS Outstanding Website  2010 NLUS Outstanding Website
2008 2nd place NLUS Outstanding Website, 2009 1st Place Outstanding Website, Medium Size Council

Sites Evolved From Our Design*

Massachusetts Bay Council

Northern Virginia (NOVA) Council

Dallas Council 
2008 1st place NLUS Outstanding Newsletter, 2011 1st place award for Large Councils and Runner up Newsletter Award

Northern Virginia (NOVA) Council
2008 2nd place NLUS Outstanding Website
2010 NLUS Outstanding Website

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 *Permission is granted to any Council to use/adapt our look, feel, functionality for their own websites at no cost. Our only request (to meet the requirements of our use rights of a proprietary FrontPage design template) is that using Councils display our logo in the footer in a manner similar to that used at

Upon request, we will provide a zip file of our entire website template (over 100 pages, without support or warranty). Please inquire about server support and other requirements to achieve the full potential of this template.